President's Message

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Wishing you a fulfilling year – 2014

The Association activities are progressing well with committed members. The Seminar hall and Digital library are being used optimally throughout the year.

The demand for the use of the Clinical skills training centre has improved grossly. There is a possibility of a tie up of University of Utah – Salt Lake City – USA, Government of Karnataka with the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences for training in "Emergency Medicine" on mannequins for Medical Faculty from all over Karnataka to become the future "Master trainers" for which our Clinical Skills Centre is being suggested by the RGUHS. This is expected to take off shortly.

Poor patients are being helped with subsidies for their medical care through "K Krishnamurthy Poor Patients' fund" the corpus for which, is being steadily built up by the K K family.

BMC students are being encouraged by financial contributions by the BMCAA for extracurricular competitions like 'Plexus' which are very effective programmes. The Students’ College Magazine gets aid also. Students, who are selected abroad for "Poster Presentations" etc., are given financial support.

The Association has been getting good patronage by the Director’s of BMC & RI for its smooth functioning, especially monetary. They attend all EC meetings of BMCAA. So, it is time for greater participation from each one of you. Kindly encourage your BMC friends to become "Alumni members" by paying Rs.1000/- to the Association.

Kindly let us know if you are receiving regular communications from the office of the BMCAA, if not, keep us informed by updating your contact details.

We need your suggestions to improve our functioning to meet the goals of our Association.

Donate liberally, towards various upcoming projects like the ‘Bone Marrow Registry’ – our dream project for 2015 (It is the 3rd – 5 yearly project and a great occasion for reunion of 60 batches in December 2015).

Long live BMCAA.