Courses Offered

Each of the courses is a ‘hands on’ experience for the students with an emphasis on practical training. The course material is systematically divided into several exercises, each of them being held at different stations. The teaching follows adult learning principles with an emphasis on psychomotor domain learning.

Each exercise will have a short presentation explaining the principles behind the exercise being taught. The teacher then demonstrates the given exercise. Later the student practices these skills under the direct supervision of a mentor. Active feedback helps the student learn the technique properly.

Mentors for the course are carefully selected. They are experienced teachers and practitioners of the skills that they teach. Above all, they are motivated to transfer their skills to the students.

Course 1 : Basic Clinical Skills - Undergraduate course – 1 day course

Course 2 : Basic Clinical Skills - Postgraduate course – 3 day course

Course 3 : Neurosurgery skills

Course 4 : ENT surgery skills

Course 5 : Ophthalmology Skills



Recognised as ‘Centre of excellence’ by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences