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Alumni - Aims

  • To establish contact with all old students of the college and meet periodically.
  • Main objectives are to help the Association and keep the identity of the college in which we studied.
  • Many old students have gone into various filed of Medicine in India and abroad, the Association would be the best and most suited arena to bring them together to exchange nostalgic feelings, ideas, thoughts, improve scientific knowledge and approach to medical problems faced in day to day practices of Medicine.
  • Arrange meetings to discuss on how to improve the Association and help the college needs if possible.
  • Holding Scientific meetings Conferences of National and International standard.
  • Social get-together annually or biannually on a fixed date and month.
  • Helping deserving and needy students of Bangalore Medical College financially or otherwise and assistance to postgraduate specialties abroad as considered feasible by the Association.
  • Any BMC Alumni member visiting and wishing to give lectures or promote courses, arrangements can be made by the Association.
  • Public Education Programme in various discipline of Medicine can be arranged as feasible, also health check up programmes in slum areas and rural areas etc.